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Eken Babu
  • Detective Comedy
Eken Babu is not your average, middle-aged Bengali man. He is Ekendra Sen, a detective extraordinaire who effortlessly cracks complex cases in his own quirky style. And wherever a mystery takes him, he is accompanied by his friends, Bapi and Pramatha.
Hostel Days
  • Comedy
A decade later, memories of hostel days, friendship, and betrayal move Orko to start a journey to reunite with his old mates.
  • Comedy Drama
A frustrated Abanish lives a humdrum life with complicated personal equations and banal professional problems. His ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn when his wife suddenly goes missing, resulting in utter chaos!
  • Comedy Drama
Damodar Das comes to the remote village of Hagda as its new postmaster, much to the delight of the villagers. While their simple aspirations and pure emotions slowly do away with Damodar's reservations, he keeps searching for a sliver of his long-lost childhood.
  • Detective Comedy
A serial killer is targetting the literary greats of Kolkata. Private 'defective' Gourab Sen, aka Gora, has a reputation as a serial killer specialist. No wonder it falls upon the eccentric detective to unmask the killer!
  • Comedy
Diana adds some spice to her life by indulging in a friendly couple swapping. Will things go as per the plan? Watch “Mismatch” to unlock the answers.
Gariahater Ganglords
  • Comedy
Buchku comes to Kolkata for higher studies and starts staying with his cousin Jonny and his friend Bunty. Little does he know, that they are gangsters!
Dupur Thakurpo
  • Comedy
Uma, Jhuma, or Phulwa - Boudis are stealing the heart of their beloved Thakurpos. How far the fantasy will take them?
Bou Keno Psycho
  • Comedy
A skeleton discovered in a tank reveals the existence of five psycho housewives. What's making these women wreak havoc in the lives of their husbands?
  • Horror Comedy
Men in a village are disappearing in the darkness of the night. Is it the work of a mystical enchantress, or is there some other mystery?
Case Jaundice
  • Comedy
Two lawyers present a compelling case in a courtroom, representing human beings and the coronavirus. Who will win the legal battle? Watch this series only on hoichoi!
Institute of Isspecial...
  • Comedy
You can't get into this Institute by being just special, you need to be Isspecial! A one-of-a-kind Academy that offers unique courses on - Life! Hurry! Classes begin soon!
Turu Love
  • Romantic Comedy
Aritra, a small-town guy, is born with a silver spoon. But his bubble breaks when Tiyasha, his bride-to-be, gives him a reality check prompting him to move to Kolkata and be a self-made man. What follows is a misadventure in the search for love & a realization of what 'Turu Love' actually is.
Holy Faak
  • Romantic Comedy
Lovers turn haters when Diya breaks up with Indra to marry a guy chosen by her father. “Holy Faak” presented by hoichoi is here to turn the world upside down!
Japani Toy
  • Comedy
What happens when you want to open a sex toy shop in Kolkata? Watch this hoichoi Original social satire.
  • Comedy
A night of debauchery lands the scintillating Mou in serious trouble. With all her lovers as well as her husband now headed towards her home, will she be able to escape with the key to her glittering future?
Stand Up
  • Stand-up Comedy
Enjoy a fun ride with an outburst of comedy that will leave you in splits, with significance of pre-existing notions adding to the wit. Enjoyment is guaranteed!
Ha Ja Ba Ra La
  • Stand Up
Hoichoi Originals presents Ha Ja Ba Ra La. Be ready for a riot of laughter by Ambarish Bhattacharya, Abhimanyu Mukherjee, Saurav Palodhi, Ritabrata Dass & Shubhodip Ghosh.
Dadur Kirti
  • Comedy Drama
The patriarch of the Chowdhury Bari unites his estranged family on the pretext of his impending death, and reveals the existence of a spirit guarding a hidden ancestral treasure. As the family engages in a treasure hunt, emotions run high, love blossoms, and everyone confronts past transgressions.