Kolkotha - Episode 2

4 MINS2019DramaNR
Tathagata Ghosh
Pradip ChatterjeeSoumya Majumdar
Another North Kolkata building being demolished to be made to a shopping mall!” Sounds familiar as a frequent newspaper headline? Well, the debate between North and South Kolkata is regular over 'addas'. While North Kolkata boasts of its heritage buildings, South Kolkata to majority, represents the growth of capitalism and new age flats and shopping malls. But the conflict has its roots much deeper than that. The two characters of our story- the father and son, almost stand for the two sides of a coin. The debate between old and new. The debate between holding on to our roots against welcoming the ‘advancements in technology’! When a sad old man faces his son after learning that he has sold off their old house so that a shopping mall can be made in its place, it leads to an important and relevant dialogue between the two.One that is the need of the hour!