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Taranath Tantrik
  • Horror
Dig into the mystery of Taranath Tantrik as you experience the other world with him. Directed by Q, the web series promises horror like never before.
  • Horror
Cartoonist Aritra’s life turns upside down when mysterious things start happening in his new apartment. Mayhem ensues when a paranormal activist dies suddenly.
Rawkto Bilaap
  • Horror
A group of friends gather for a bachelor party at an eerie house in the outskirts of Kolkata. Things take a dark turn when they bite the dust one by one. To know who is behind this bloodbath and who comes out of it unscathed, watch Rawkto Bilaap.
Chupkotha 2
  • Horror
Journalist Shivangi gets trapped in many mysteries in her personal and professional life. Is everything a coincidence, or is there an uncanny connection? 
  • Horror Comedy
Men in a village are disappearing in the darkness of the night. Is it the work of a mystical enchantress, or is there some other mystery?
  • Anthology
A series of seven stories - tied together by a common thread - FEAR! How will the real and the supernatural collide? Watch the web series to find out!
  • Horror
Following four friends in the quest for the supernatural across various popular "haunted" places of West Bengal, the series takes us on a chilling journey.