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Boka Bakshote Bondi
  • Psychological Drama
An actress leaves her profession for a life away from the limelight. But her last day of work becomes a nightmare as she finds herself unsure where her scripted persona ends and her true self begins.
Golam Mamun
  • Thriller
Mamun, the prime suspect in a double murder, faces off with a serial killer and the system to which he has dedicated his life, while the clock keeps ticking on his quest to prove his innocence.
Gobhir Joler Maach
  • Mystery Drama
While the aftermath of the wives' secret game of seduction causes more deaths, the plot thickens as the game started long back by the husbands to test their wives' fidelity comes to light!
  • Political Thriller
The unexpected return of presumed-dead kin shakes up the power struggle between Rashi Banerjee and Mallika Banerjee ahead of the upcoming by-elections in Rijpur.
Advocate Achinta Aich
  • Courtroom Drama
Following a shocking high-profile murder with several eyewitnesses, the only suspect in the seemingly open-and-shut case turns to Achinta Aich, a notary lawyer with few resources. As Achinta risks his all in a quest for justice, he uncovers a web of secrets and sins that hold the key to the truth. 
  • Thriller
Rumi, a CIB officer, loses his sight and his job in a near-fatal accident. He starts having nightmares of strange events, one of which shockingly translates to reality in a gruesome murder. Now, the blind detective must decipher his nightmares to unravel the mystery behind the violent crime!
Dadur Kirti
  • Comedy Drama
The patriarch of the Chowdhury Bari unites his estranged family on the pretext of his impending death, and reveals the existence of a spirit guarding a hidden ancestral treasure. As the family engages in a treasure hunt, emotions run high, love blossoms, and everyone confronts past transgressions.
  • Social Drama
Jaya, a meek homemaker, has been subjected to relentless verbal abuse by her husband over the years. As she confronts society's stifling expectations of women to raise her voice against the abuse, her life becomes a battleground in her quest to regain her self-esteem.
Robinson Street Horror...
  • Documentary
Kolkata's house of horrors on 3, Robinson Street, where Partha De lived with his sister's skeleton, is laced with the horrors of childhood trauma, isolation and lack of understanding of mental health disorders. This docu-series traces the origin of the case and its sensationalised media trial.