Swastika Mukherjee Bengali Movie List

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Swastika Mukherjee Movies
  • 125 mins
  • 2023
  • Thriller Drama
A political journalist in Kolkata discovers the case of a notorious female mafia gang leader in suburban Shibpur going missing in the late 1990s. The journalist sets out to uncover if the gang leader got murdered by her rival gang members or was the victim of a nefarious political plot!
Anubrata Bhalo Acho?
  • 100 mins
  • 2015
  • Drama
Anubrata perceives death as his nemesis seeing his wife marching towards an inevitable end at a hospital in the face of cancer. His life takes a turn when he meets Jaya, who is tending to her ailing husband at the same hospital.
Take One
  • 98 mins
  • 2014
  • Drama
An Indian Actress Doel Mitra shoots to overnight infamy igniting the wrath of conservative Indian society when a bold sex scene from one of her foreign films is leaked on the internet
  • 163 mins
  • 2007
  • Action
Jeet and his family come to a city that is ruled by the dreaded gangster, Vishnu. In college, Vishnu's brother, Deva, and Jeet get into many scuffles, which leads to disastrous consequences for Jeet.
Aami Aar Amar Girlfrie...
  • 121 mins
  • 2013
  • Comedy
An out of the box tale of about three women, who belong to different spheres of the society professionally, "Ami aar amar Girlfriends" showcases them having once in a lifetime trip and sharing their experiences
Shaheb Bibi Golaam
  • 119 mins
  • 2016
  • Thriller
A thrilling story of a former cop, a troubled housewife, and a cab driver, related to each other mysteriously as their paths cross.
Shah Jahan Regency
  • 154 mins
  • 2019
  • Drama
An adaptation of Shankar’s novel Chowringhee,"Shah Jahan Regency" explores the stories of different people in a hotel retold in a modern context.
Family Album
  • 111 mins
  • 2015
  • Drama
What happens when the dark secrets of a seemingly perfect family of four get revealed ? Watch "Family Album" - a hilarious, sad and eccentric concoction of the truth.
  • 148 mins
  • 2014
  • Musical Drama
Rohit decides to do a dissertation on the famous Portuguese-origin Bengali singer-songwriter, Hensman Anthony, from 19th century. On his research trail, he comes across a librarian, Kushal Hazra, who claims to be the reincarnation of Anthony himself.
Bhooter Bhabishyat
  • 119 mins
  • 2012
  • Horror Comedy
The experience of a filmmaker in a haunted house meets a film buff who gives him a pot-boiling story of a gang of ghosts. Is it just a story or are these ghosts around? Watch the biggest comedy blockbuster of Bengali cinema "Bhooter Bhabishyat".
Tasher Ghawr
  • 47 mins
  • 2020
  • Drama
Sujata, a housewife, is stuck between the four walls with her abusive husband during the pandemic. Despite everything, she seems happy. Is she really happy or is something sinister brewing under that happy demeanour?
  • 179 mins
  • 2004
  • Action
Raju, a poor boy whose mother dies of starvation. He is taken under the fold by the local smuggler Bhanupratap . He grows up to become an antisocial and an associate of the smuggler .
Krishnakanter Will
  • 138 mins
  • Drama
How far will a son go to get his own share of the property? Here is a tale that explores conspiracy, a father-son relationship in "Krishnakanter Will".
Aami Ashbo Phirey
  • 120 mins
  • 2018
  • Musical Drama
A songwriter virtually enters the life of four people who have been connected by an accident, leading their lives towards a better tomorrow. Watch the enigmatic film by Anjan Dutta "Ami Asbo Phirey".
Ebar Shabor
  • 125 mins
  • 2015
  • Thriller
In the first installment of the Goenda Shabor series, Detective Shabor Dasgupta investigates the mysterious murder of Mitali, a young woman plagued by her messy past. Shabor and his assistant, Nanda, encounter a string of Mitali's friends and family who all turn out to be suspects in her murder.
Swastika Mukherjee Series
  • Thriller
When DCP Brinda Basu's daughter goes missing after attending a party, the latter's mentor and famous journalist Romit Sen becomes the prime suspect in a supposed foul play. Brinda must navigate a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal to find her daughter - alive or dead!
The Stoneman Murders
  • Thriller
An old, mysterious diary - with descriptions of murders! Is the “Stoneman” murderer of the 90’s Kolkata back? Watch The Stoneman Murders on hoichoi.
  • Drama
hoichoi Originals presents “Charitraheen”, based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, with the twists and turns to be much in sync with today’s world.
Paanch Phoron
  • Romance
Nine directors come together to narrate ten romantic tales divided into two series. If your life becomes tasteless, add some 'Paanch Phoron' to spice things up.
  • Psychological Thriller
Rishi comes to live as a paying guest in his childhood friend Miki's house. When his mother dies, Rishi soon forms a bond with Aruna who he starts seeing as his mother. But Rishi's obsession eventually pushes him towards a past he always wanted to escape from.
Dupur Thakurpo
  • Comedy
Uma, Jhuma, or Phulwa - Boudis are stealing the heart of their beloved Thakurpos. How far the fantasy will take them?
Dead/Alive: The Search...
  • Thriller
When DCP Brinda Basu's daughter goes missing after attending a party, the latter's mentor and famous journalist Romit Sen becomes the prime suspect in a suspected foul play. Brinda must navigate a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal to find her daughter - alive or dead!
Mohmaya (Hindi)
  • Psychological Thriller
Rishi is back in his cage of illusions but not as a guest anymore. Will he ever be able to break away from his past? And for how long will Aruna remain captive to Rishi's violent expressions of love?
Daastan - e - Love (Hi...
  • Romantic
Five directors come together to narrate five different romantic tales, with the essential ingredient called “Love”. Hoichoi presents “Daastan - e - Love”.