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Shri Swapankumarer Bad...
  • 144 mins
  • 2024
  • Pulp Thriller
When Kolkata is in danger as Badami Hyena looms threat over the city, Dipak Chatterjee, the long-forgotten detective created by pulp-fiction writer Shri Swapankumar, comes out of his web of hurt pride to save the city. But Swapankumar soon charts a crazy narrative that complicates Dipak's fate!
Gobhir Joler Maach
  • Mystery Drama
While the aftermath of the wives' secret game of seduction causes more deaths, the plot thickens as the game started long back by the husbands to test their wives' fidelity comes to light!
  • Political Thriller
The unexpected return of presumed-dead kin shakes up the power struggle between Rashi Banerjee and Mallika Banerjee ahead of the upcoming by-elections in Rijpur.
Golam Mamun
  • Thriller
Mamun, the prime suspect in a double murder, faces off with a serial killer and the system to which he has dedicated his life, while the clock keeps ticking on his quest to prove his innocence.
Dawshom Awbotaar
  • 152 mins
  • 2023
  • Crime Thriller
When a serial killer terrorizes the people of Kolkata by mirroring the ten avatars of Vishnu in his killing methods, police officers Probir Roy Chowdhury and Bijoy Poddar immerse themselves in unravelling the killer and his motive. Watch the prequel crossover of the thrilling Baishe Srabon and Vinci Da.
  • 140 mins
  • 2023
  • Social Thriller
When officers Pankaj Sinha and Sanjukta Mitra investigate an explosion at Burdwan's Khoyragarh, they uncover a ploy to assassinate the President of India visiting his ancestral home nearby, along with a larger nexus of deceit, revenge and bloodlust.