Anusandhan Hindi Web Series

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Anusandhan (Hindi)
U/A 13+
  • Mystery Drama
  • 1 Season
A mysterious death at Kumudini Bhavan stuns Inspector Hochi and Anushree, the newest resident at the women's hostel. As they team up and dig deep, they discover unsettling secrets and unforeseen ties, with more deaths creepin...
Director :
Arkadeep Mallika Nath
Starring :
Ushasi Ray, Ambarish Bhattacharya, Anashua Majumdar, Rishav Basu, Arunima Haldar
  • Season 1
    Fatal Prelude - Hindi
    • 27 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    A sudden death at Kumudini Bhavan casts a shadow of mourning on everyone. As police officer Hochi arrives for investigation, he meets the eccentric Anushree.
    Fatal Prelude - Hindi
    A Deadly Encore - Hind...
    • 23 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    As everyone begins to suspect Swatilekha Devi's grandson post interrogation, Anushree helps the police discover another body.
    A Deadly Encore - Hindi
    Trilogy of Terror - Hi...
    • 22 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    From Janhabi to Rwik, everyone in the hostel seems to be in two minds. In the middle of the investigation, another surprising death further complicates things.
    Trilogy of Terror - Hindi
    Devil in Disguise - Hi...
    • 19 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    On Anushree's insistence, the police starts probing about a suspicious headphone found at one of the crime scenes. Amidst Rwik's treatment, the police suspects a person close to them.
    Devil in Disguise - Hindi
    Confessions of the Gui...
    • 25 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    Although the police nabs the culprit behind the subsequent murders, Durba's killer is still at large. Meanwhile, Anushree learns about Raya who had the same fate as Durba.
    Confessions of the Guilty - Hindi
    Virus in antidote - Hi...
    • 22 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    Investigation reveals that the deaths of Durba and Raya had a pattern. The poison found in Durba's body stuns Hochi and Anushree who are desperate to unmask the killer.
    Virus in antidote - Hindi
    The Poisoned Truth - H...
    • 27 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    Anushree realizes the killer might be hiding in plain sight at Kumudini Bhavan. But the killer plots to kill Anushree herself to sweep everything under the rug!
    The Poisoned Truth - Hindi
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