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Robinson Street Horror Story: Myth vs Reality (Hindi)
U/A 16+
  • Documentary
  • 1 Season
Kolkata's house of horrors on 3, Robinson Street, where Partha De lived with his sister's skeleton, is laced with the horrors of childhood trauma, isolation and lack of understanding of mental health disorders. This docu-seri...
Director :
Kamaleswar Mukherjee
Starring :
Loknath Dey, Joysree Dasgupta, Amay Deb Roy
  • Season 1
    The Horror Haunts - Hi...
    • 21 mins
    • Documentary
    3, Robinson Street gives rise to a national frenzy when the investigation of Aurobindo De's suicide leads to the discovery of his daughter's skeleton at his residence.
    The Horror Haunts - Hindi
    Crime vs Disorder - Hi...
    • 22 mins
    • Documentary
    The media, police and psychiatrists rush in to analyze Partha De's mental state. But, the case raises far more questions than it manages to answer.
    Crime vs Disorder - Hindi
    Childhood Matters - Hi...
    • 23 mins
    • Documentary
    A hint of an illicit relationship between Debjani and Partha ignites media scrutiny to such an extent that it stands in the way of psychiatrists reaching an objective conclusion.
    Childhood Matters - Hindi
    Blurred Reality - Hind...
    • 24 mins
    • Documentary
    Partha's account of his dysfunctional family leads the psychiatrists to delve deeper into a harrowing truth that unmasks the family's dark secrets.
    Blurred Reality - Hindi
    Pursuit for Happiness ...
    • 22 mins
    • Documentary
    The blurring lines between the past and present had aggravated Partha's delusions. Tension builds as explicit details from Partha's diary become common knowledge.
    Pursuit for Happiness - Hindi
    Response and Responsib...
    • 24 mins
    • Documentary
    Partha's journey of rehabilitation is plagued by societal taboo, which leads him to take a drastic step unbeknownst to all.
    Response and Responsibility - Hindi
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