The Broken Nest (Hindi)

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The Broken Nest (Hindi)
U/A 13+
  • Social Drama
  • 1 Season
Aparna's blissful world comes crashing down when she discovers a slanderous allegation against her husband on social media. As she tries to piece things back together, a conflict ensues between the truth-seeking woman and the...
Director :
Aditi Roy
Starring :
Sandipta Sen, Shoumo Banerjee, Angana Roy, Rooqma Ray, Anindya Chatterjee, Rahul Dev Bose,...
  • Season 1
    Not a fairytale - Hind...
    • 23 mins
    • Social Drama
    Aparna's happy family shatters when one of Rishabh's former students, Godhuli, accuses Rishabh of molestation on social media.
    Not a fairytale - Hindi
    Two Poles Collide - Hi...
    • 27 mins
    • Social Drama
    Agonized by the notion of Rishabh's alleged extramarital affair and the consequent events, Aparna, on the advice of their lawyer, decides to meet Godhuli at the hospital.
    Two Poles Collide - Hindi
    Murky Waters - Hindi
    • 27 mins
    • Social Drama
    When Godhuli demands justice, Aparna struggles to choose a way forward. Stretched thin between her family, court and the unforgiving society, Aparna comes across unexpected news.
    Murky Waters - Hindi
    Perfect man, perfect h...
    • 26 mins
    • Social Drama
    Rishabh returns home after the court grants him bail. But the rift between Rishabh and Aparna keeps growing as Godhuli's memory pushes Aparna to know the other side of the story.
    Perfect man, perfect husband? - Hindi
    Through the mist - Hin...
    • 20 mins
    • Social Drama
    Aparna's growing curiosity leads her to meet one of the students from Rishabh's college to learn about Godhuli's past. Unbeknownst to all, Aparna goes to meet Godhuli's family.
    Through the mist - Hindi
    Turn of the tide - Hin...
    • 19 mins
    • Social Drama
    Rage erupts in Aparna's mind after she faces some unfathomable truths from Godhuli's sister. As Aparna decides to stand by the truth, another unexpected revelation unnerves her.
    Turn of the tide - Hindi
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