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The Disappeared (Hindi)
U/A 13+
  • Mystery Drama
  • 1 Season
Anis, a successful businessman and aspiring politician, suddenly gets abducted. Unable to escape his fate, he has to navigate a dangerous maze of blackmail, betrayal, and personal turmoil. Can he flee his captor and unmask hi...
Director :
Shafayet Mansoor Rana
Starring :
Mahfuz Ahmed, Aupee Karim, Nishat Priom, Shahdat Hossain, Shampa Reza, Sheikh Partho, Sumo...
  • Season 1
    Lost in transit - Hind...
    • 26 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    When Anis Ahmed, a successful businessman and aspiring politician in Bangladesh, gets kidnapped, there is a stir in the political and administrative circles to find him.
    Lost in transit - Hindi
    Invisible in captivity...
    • 23 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    While in captivity, Anis receives a riddle related to his son that reminds him of Rakin's reckless life and past sins. Meanwhile, Rizwana gets a call from Anis's kidnapper.
    Invisible in captivity - Hindi
    Crossroads - Hindi
    • 18 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    When police find an unidentified body resembling Anis, Rizwana requests Rakin for a DNA test. However, Rizwana's meeting with Anis's business partner ignites a new turn.
    Crossroads - Hindi
    Muddy waters - Hindi
    • 26 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    Police speculate that Anis's bitter relationship with his business partner, Shahed, may have instigated his abduction. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman comes into Rakin's life.
    Muddy waters - Hindi
    Lost in Lyrics - Hindi
    • 23 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    Falshback reveals that Anis has a special bond with that mysterious woman, Sonia. However, one day, after facing a gruesome deed of Anis, she disappears.
    Lost in Lyrics - Hindi
    Steep Value - Hindi
    • 25 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    Before being abducted, Sonia starts extorting money from Anis by threatening to leak an intimate video of them. Meanwhile, Anis escapes in the absence of the kidnappers.
    Steep Value - Hindi
    Supposedly visible - H...
    • 22 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    After declining Azad, Amena persuades Rizwana to run for the by-election instead of Anis. As the election begins, the abductors leave Anis unconscious on the street.
    Supposedly visible - Hindi
    All that is invisible....
    • 29 mins
    • Mystery Drama
    As the list of suspects behind Anis' abduction grows, he joins the ruling party to plan revenge. Albeit all, will he get hold of the real culprit living under his breath?
    All that is invisible... - Hindi
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