Turu Love (Hindi)

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Turu Love (Hindi)
U/A 13+
  • Romantic Comedy
  • 1 Season
Aritra, a small town guy, is born with a silver spoon. But his bubble breaks when Tiyasha, his bride-to-be, gives him a reality check prompting him to move to Kolkata and be a self made man. What follows is a misadventure in ...
Director :
Abhijit Chowdhury
Starring :
Rishav Basu, Rajnandini Paul, Ushasi Ray
  • Season 1
    Marriage Fixed - Hindi
    • 19 mins
    • Romantic Comedy
    Aritra travels to Kolkata from Durgapur, to meet his bride-to-be Tiyasha but she discovers something about him that rocks the boat.
    Marriage Fixed - Hindi
    Damini's Peace Haven -...
    • 13 mins
    • Romantic Comedy
    While Aritra is struggling in Kolkata, a social media post by Tiyasha shakes his world.
    Damini's Peace Haven - Hindi
    Best Friends Forever -...
    • 17 mins
    • Romantic Comedy
    Vrinda helps Aritra find a unique job. She is moved by Aritra’s faith & struggle towards the idea of true love.
    Best Friends Forever - Hindi
    A Desperate Attempt - ...
    • 17 mins
    • Romantic Comedy
    Vrinda and Aritra fight over Tiyasha when she discovers that Aritra can go to any extent to fulfil a promise to Tiyasha.
    A Desperate Attempt - Hindi
    A Promise Fulfilled - ...
    • 16 mins
    • Romantic Comedy
    Aritra is one step closer to fulfilling his promise. But something's stopping him from taking a decision.
    A Promise Fulfilled - Hindi
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