Cell 145 (Hindi)

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Cell 145 (Hindi)
U/A 16+
  • Mystery
  • 2 Seasons
The seemingly immortal Mystery Man of Cell 145 is back with a staggering revelation rooted in the war-torn history of Bangladesh.
Director :
Syed Ahmed Shawki
Starring :
Chanchal Chowdhury, Intekhab Dinar, Tasnia Fareen, FS Nayeem, Afzal Hossain
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
    Resurrection - Hindi
    • 23 mins
    • Mystery
    The police discover a stranger in a cell closed for 50 years. The life of Jailer Mostak Ahmed, under various pressures from his family and superiors, becomes more miserable.
    Resurrection - Hindi
    Black Sheep - Hindi
    • 21 mins
    • Mystery
    The prison authorities fail to understand how the stranger entered the cell. In addition, everyone begins to fear him, and various speculations are born out of this ambiguity.
    Black Sheep - Hindi
    Life and Death - Hindi
    • 27 mins
    • Mystery
    The jail authority secretly brings in a sign language interpreter to communicate with the stranger. The stranger claims that he has been in prison for 250 years.
    Life and Death - Hindi
    History and Mystery - ...
    • 31 mins
    • Mystery
    The inmates begin to address the stranger as 'Gazi Peer'. Gazi Baba pronounces people guilty or innocent just by looking at their eyes. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Gazi Baba has come from a secret prison in Andaman.
    History and Mystery - Hindi
    Light and Shadow - Hin...
    • 28 mins
    • Mystery
    Gazi Baba's prolonged interrogation enrages his followers. Deputy Jailer asks Mostak, what if the widely known story about this cell happens again?
    Light and Shadow - Hindi
    Spirit and Ghosts - Hi...
    • 25 mins
    • Mystery
    Mostak Ahmed and Gazi Baba face each other. Unable to control his temper, Mostak raised his hands on him.
    Spirit and Ghosts - Hindi
    Lost Sheep - Hindi
    • 33 mins
    • Mystery
    Raju, a prisoner who got caught thanks to the powers of Gazi Baba, is extremely angry with him. On the other hand, Mostak and the Deputy Jailer count hours till night when they will finally find answers to their questions.
    Lost Sheep - Hindi
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