Kursinama (Hindi)

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Kursinama (Hindi)
A 18+
  • Crime Drama
  • 1 Season
In the lawless island of Chedadiya, the ruthless Sohrab is in pursuit of absolute power. But Rustom, who has arrived there by a stroke of luck, is in his way. How will this disastrous conflict culminate, and will Chedadiya ev...
Director :
Shankha Dasgupta
Starring :
Chanchal Chowdhury, Shohel Mondol, Sohana Saba, Safa Kabir, Ziaul Haque Polash, Iresh Zake...
  • Season 1
    The man with no name - Hi...
    • 36 mins
    • Crime Drama
    Anarkali blames Shahjahan Boli for Sakhi's death. But Sohrab Company doesn't address this injustice. In the meanwhile, a young man washes up at the Chedadiya's shore.
    The man with no name - Hindi
    High tide, low tide - Hin...
    • 34 mins
    • Crime Drama
    While Rustom and Shahjahan Boli face each other, Mojid Company lends his support Anarkali. Sohrab wants to kill the snake without breaking the stick but in vain!
    High tide, low tide - Hindi
    Know the blood from the b...
    • 23 mins
    • Crime Drama
    Selim Chairman is not happy with Sohrab. On the other hand, Ayesha is slowly falling for Rustom. Will they be able to escape from Chedadiya?
    Know the blood from the bleeding - Hindi
    Someone was, someone wasn...
    • 18 mins
    • Crime Drama
    What are the real identities of Ayesha and Rustom? Will they be able to stay away from each other?
    Someone was, someone wasn't - Hindi
    Two lovers - Hindi
    • 23 mins
    • Crime Drama
    In the battle for Chedadiya, Sohrab hits hard. Anarkali's fate hangs in the balance. Who is the thorn in Sohrab's side - Selim Chairman or Rustom?
    Two lovers - Hindi
    Who in mortal chains, who...
    • 28 mins
    • Crime Drama
    Sohrab Company becomes Chedadiya's centre of power. Rustom makes a shrewd move.
    Who in mortal chains, who in power - Hindi
    Time is out of joint - Hi...
    • 23 mins
    • Crime Drama
    Sohrab and Rustom come face to face for an unprecedented duel by the sea. What will be the implications of this fight on Chedadiya and its residents?
    Time is out of joint - Hindi
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