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Refugee (Hindi)
U/A 16+
  • Thriller
  • 1 Season
A drug dealer from Bangladesh's Geneva Camp gets involved in a spine-chilling conspiracy of the third generation of freedom fighters. How far will he go to prevent a catastrophe and save the people who don't consider him one ...
Director :
Imtiaz Hossain
Starring :
Shohel Mondol, Sharif Siraj, Zakia Bari Mamo, Afzal Hossain
  • Season 1
    Behind the door (Hindi...
    • 24 mins
    • Thriller
    Iqbal, a Bihari drug dealer, must trace the international terrorist ‘Carbon’ lurking at the Geneva camp to steer clear of disaster in his own life.
    Behind the door (Hindi)
    Everybody knows (Hindi...
    • 21 mins
    • Thriller
    Iqbal confronts his dearest friend, Wasim, to save himself and his younger brother. Special Agent Maria knows where exactly Carbon is hiding.
    Everybody knows (Hindi)
    Don't let me down (Hin...
    • 23 mins
    • Thriller
    Iqbal takes a desperate measure to save his brother. While Maria is in deep trouble at work, Carbon's sinister plan starts taking shape.
    Don't let me down (Hindi)
    Let it be (Hindi)
    • 20 mins
    • Thriller
    Wasim refuses to accept the truth about Carbon’s identity. One phone call turns Iqbal’s world upside down.
    Let it be (Hindi)
    Light my fire (Hindi)
    • 17 mins
    • Thriller
    Iqbal seeks revenge; Wasim loses faith. Maria has a new clue to get to Carbon.
    Light my fire (Hindi)
    Waiting for the sun (H...
    • 21 mins
    • Thriller
    Can Carbon get away with his disastrous plan? Or can Maria prevent the catastrophe?
    Waiting for the sun (Hindi)
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